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 Gerald Kein - Hypnosis Regression Techniques - Ftb

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PostSubject: Gerald Kein - Hypnosis Regression Techniques - Ftb   Sun Mar 16, 2008 2:14 am

This is NOT Past Life regression.

The ability to regress a client to the cause of his problem is the most important tool in the hypnotists toolbox," Gerald Kein.

In this long overdue training, Gerald Kein teaches you "step by step" several powerful, easy to learn methods of hypnotic regression.

The following is included in this program:

* An overview of regression and it's applications.
* How to control all aspects of the regression.
* How to use and control a regression abreaction.
* How to discover if the client is in a true or imagined regression.
* How to completely eliminate the problem of the client NOT regressing.
* What a regression is needed for to enable a positive transformation.
* When to utilize regression techniques.

The following types of regressions are taught in a easy to learn "step by step" method:

* Directed regression
* Non-directed regression
* Spontaneous regression
* The unexpected regression
* E.I.R.... Emotionally Induced Regression
* Subconscious feeling regressions
* Recreational regressions...
Past life - Forgotten memories - Favorite memories etc.

Several demonstrations of the various regression techniques are included in this program!


Password : ftb


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Gerald Kein - Hypnosis Regression Techniques - Ftb
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