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 Jamie Smart - Secrets of Hypnosis DVD 1

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PostSubject: Jamie Smart - Secrets of Hypnosis DVD 1   Sun Mar 16, 2008 2:17 am

Key Success Factor: Before I tell you about the DVDs, I want to explain my reason for saying the visual aspect is crucial for successful hypnotic communication. In their classic book Trance-formations, NLP Co-developers Bandler & Grinder explain that hypnosis is highly visual you need to notice the changes taking place in the client, then feed those changes back to them in your language. This relies on your being able to notice what to notice! These DVDs have been designed to maximise the visual data you get (eg. Breathing rate, eye movements, skin colour changes, gestures etc)

The Secrets of Hypnosis - DVD 1

1 Welcome & setup
(Once you've watched the entire programme once, start watching them again from the beginning. You'll be amazed as you see & hear loads of things that were invisible the first time through, as I use hypnosis covertly to set up the entire training during the first hour).

2 Familiarity
(The 'hidden handbrake' that prevents people from getting what they want. Learn how to use it to your advantage).

3 Maps & models
(You'll discover evidence that proves you're capable of far more than you think you are. Watch what I'm doing with my hands to find out how I'm communicating covertly with people's unconscious minds).

4 Courage into confidence
(A simple & straightforward approach you can use to build ENORMOUS levels of personal confidence).

5 The world of things & experience
(This is one of the key insights that has NLP Practitioners & Master Practitioners telling me "I've been studying this stuff for years, & the penny has finally dropped." THIS IS HUGE).

6 Rapport & scepticism
(Watch what happens as I covertly use multi-embedded metaphor to disarm an audience-member's scepticism covertly while telling 'seemingly irrelevant' stories. You get to watch what I'm responding to on a 'shot within shot'!)

7 Going quiet inside
(The key to opening up your sensory acuity so you can track people's patterns even more powerfully & easily).

8 Kinds of confidence
(Did you know there are two kinds of confidence? Most people are only aware of one of these, but the other one is even more powerful, & you can get access to it!)

9 The thinker & the prover
(The structure of human beliefs in a nutshell).

10 Demonstration - Confidence
(You'll see everything I'm responding to on-screen: eye movements, posture shifts, breathing changes, everything. This is key to doing powerful work).

11 Demonstration - Unconscious competence
(Unconscious competence is one of the keys to mastery of these skills. Watch & listen as I use questioning & re-framing to set a direction for achieving it even more quickly & easily)

12 Fundamentals
(The fundamentals of NLP, plus a powerful technique for turbo-charging the rate you get into rapport with clients, & the effectiveness of your change-work. You won't find this technique on anyone else's DVDs).

13 Demo - Belief change with affirmations
(A live demo at the front of the room. This is the first time this quick yet powerful belief change technique has been shown on DVD).

14 Demo - More belief change
(And this is the second time!)

15 Demo - That's right
(Do you believe that it's possible to get someone into a trance using only two words? You will once you've watched this, & you'll be able to do it too!)

16 The presuppositions of NLP
(The principles that underpin NLP & this model of hypnosis

17 The focus creation cycle
(The key to understanding & activating the neurology behind "The Laws of Attraction" in your life. This model cannot be seen on anyone else's videos)

18 Demo - Reframing
(Reframing in hypnosis is a key skill - see it in action!)

rapidshare.com The_Secret_of_Hypnosis_disk1.avi.001
rapidshare.com The_Secret_of_Hypnosis_disk1.avi.002
rapidshare.com The_Secret_of_Hypnosis_disk1.avi.003
rapidshare.com The_Secret_of_Hypnosis_disk1.avi.004
rapidshare.com The_Secret_of_Hypnosis_disk1.avi.005
rapidshare.com The_Secret_of_Hypnosis_disk1.avi.006
rapidshare.com The_Secret_of_Hypnosis_disk1.avi.007
rapidshare.com The_Secret_of_Hypnosis_disk1.avi.008
rapidshare.com The_Secret_of_Hypnosis_disk1.avi.009
rapidshare.com The_Secret_of_Hypnosis_disk1.avi.010
rapidshare.com The_Secret_of_Hypnosis_disk1.avi.011
rapidshare.com The_Secret_of_Hypnosis_disk1.avi.012

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Jamie Smart - Secrets of Hypnosis DVD 1
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