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 Jamie Smart - Secrets of hypnosis DVD2

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PostSubject: Jamie Smart - Secrets of hypnosis DVD2   Sun Mar 16, 2008 2:20 am

1 Hypnotic language
(The subject I'm most well known for. You can watch all my "non-verbal" communications as I demonstrate hypnotic language in action).

2 Ericksonian hypnosis cards
(Here's how the game is played…)

3 Voice control
(Your voice is one of your most powerful tools - you'll learn how to start mastering it even more powerfully).

4 The hypnotic presuppositions of NLP
(Finally, you'll understand how the presuppositions of NLP work, & how they relate to hypnosis).

5 Demo - Embedded commands
(More embedded commands than a Tony Robbins sales pitch!)

6 Demo - Pacing & leading
(A demonstration of a key skill you can use in every single communication scenario).

7 Demo - More pacing & leading
(And again, but adding layers of complexity & power).

8 Demo - Matching breathing rate
(Watch how someone responds as I covertly match their breathing rate in the audience).

9 Demo - Yes set, transitions etc
(The keys to doing hypnosis smoothly & elegantly - as with all these demos, you can see all the non-verbal cues I'm responding to.)

10 Feedback & another demo
(Everyone is different, & learning takes place quickly when you pay attention to multiple examples - you'll be amazed at how quickly you can develop your skills.)

11 Review of first day
(A brief review to reinforce all you've learned).

rapidshare.com The_Secret_of_Hypnosis_disk2.avi.001
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rapidshare.com The_Secret_of_Hypnosis_disk2.avi.004
rapidshare.com The_Secret_of_Hypnosis_disk2.avi.005
rapidshare.com The_Secret_of_Hypnosis_disk2.avi.006
rapidshare.com The_Secret_of_Hypnosis_disk2.avi.007
rapidshare.com The_Secret_of_Hypnosis_disk2.avi.008
rapidshare.com The_Secret_of_Hypnosis_disk2.avi.009
rapidshare.com The_Secret_of_Hypnosis_disk2.avi.010


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Jamie Smart - Secrets of hypnosis DVD2
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