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 Stephen Wolinksy - The Beginner's Guide to Quantum Psychology

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PostSubject: Stephen Wolinksy - The Beginner's Guide to Quantum Psychology   Sat Apr 19, 2008 10:22 pm

The Beginner's Guide to Quantum Psychology
by Stephen Wolinsky

the book jacket: "The Beginner's Guide to Quantum Psychology acts as a
summary, highlighting eleven books and over 3,000 pages of published

With Dr. Wolinsky as our guide we are journeyed
through the most pivotal and crucial understandings and experiential
exercises, which provide a background and highlight over 30 years of
research, development, and practice.

This user friendly guide
serves as a handbook making Quantum Psychology accessible for both
professionals and non-professionals, as well as students, non-students
and seasoned spiritual aspirants."

Stephen Wolinsky
began his clinical practice in 1974 as a Gestalt and Reichian therapist
and trainer. In 1977 he journeyed to India to study meditation for
nearly six years. He has trained in classical
hypnosis,psychosynthesis,and transactional analysis,and taught
Ericksonian hypnosis and family therapy. Stephen Wolinsky is the
founder of Quantum psychology and the author of You Are Not,I Am that I
Am,Trances People Live,Quantum Consciousness,The Tao of Chaos,Hearts on
Fire,Intimate Relationships,The Way of the Human trilogy,The Beginnerís
Guide to Quantum Psychology, and many other books.

aim of this book is to really introduce Quantum Psychology, the
practice of finding out WHO YOU ARE and where to go from there. This
isn't always a peaceful process, in my opinion, but if you want to
achieve and work at your best - whether it's as a PUA or as a school
teacher, knowing who you are without just labeling yourself using
societal descriptions is a key to greater fullfilment. Parts of Quantum
Psychology use a sort of pseudo-spirituality in this approach, but
there is still very pertinent information in here.



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Stephen Wolinksy - The Beginner's Guide to Quantum Psychology
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